We established Lex Borealis in 2006.
We prepared hundreds of documents, conducted dozens of due diligence reviews
and created IT solutions for workflow optimization.
However, one thing remains unchanged – our focus on clients and adaptation to the changing environment.
More to follow!

You are not new to business, have changed legal entities, partners and jurisdictions on a number of occasions. You have established good government relations, developed excellent business contacts and built up a recognized brand. Or by contrast you have a great idea and plan to conquer the market, but are drowning in the sea of rules and regulations. However, everyone is equal in one respect. One resource is available equally to everyone, regardless of knowledge, finance and connections.


Every one of us has only 24 hours a day. And success depends on how wisely this resource is utilized. It is highly likely that you already realized that it makes more sense for you to spend all available time on your business, rather than independently seeking to learn everything about law and going to court.

You will find numerous good lawyers on the market. However, some of them will refuse to take on your project, believing that it is too small, while others will take ages over the signing of the engagement contract, and still others will prepare a longwinded memo littered with complex terms, before stating at the end that: “Russian law does not provide a clear answer to the question put to us”.

Can you imagine how much time you might end up spending in vain? This is time that your competitors will be investing in their own businesses.

Lawyers love to charge clients on an hourly basis, meaning the hours they spend, and not yours. By contrast, we consider not only the time that we spent, but also the time that we have saved you:

— Our advice is based on actual practice: we have experiencing of working for a Russian business and know that this is valued most.

— We prepare documents in line with international standards: we have worked for international consulting firms and implement best practice approaches.

— We are always at your service: we are always accessible by phone or e-mail. We promptly sign the engagement contract, as we are flexible and not tied down by the bureaucratic procedures typical of a company with numerous offices.

— We are IT specialists: we apply our own dedicated IT solutions that enable us to optimize the technical work and promptly deal with large quantities of data.

As well as time, we also help you save another valuable resource.


We will not charge more for our “brand”. We focus on long-term relations and consequently offer you an acceptable fee and flexible payment terms, and are open to discuss other options.

We cannot offer you a 25th hour, but will do our best to free up your time so that you can focus on your business.

We look forward to working with you, for you, and saving you time.

Lex Borealis Team