Bankruptcy & Insolvency

We have extensive experience of protecting the interests of both creditors and debtors in bankruptcy proceedings. We represent clients in relations with the receiver and successfully challenge in courts illegal transactions concluded for asset stripping purposes. We offer various debt restructuring options in order to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome for the creditor and the debtor. Our lawyers are also ready to defend the interests of the chief executive officers of the debtor companies if they are held secondarily liable.


Some projects

  1. Successful representation of British company Unified Investments Ltd in all courts regarding a challenge by the bankruptcy trustee of a loan agreement for the amount of GBP 3 million (within the framework of the bankruptcy proceedings of the borrower).
  2. Representing the creditor within the framework of the bankruptcy proceedings of a state agricultural holding. We identified a deliberate bankruptcy scheme, and the company's officers were duly prosecuted.
  3. Defending the minority shareholders, and the Russian Federation (represented by the Federal Agency for State Property Management), within the framework of the bankruptcy proceedings of a company owning real estate in Moscow Region.
  4. Representing the debtor – a major timber manufacturer, in bankruptcy proceedings.
  5. Representing Gazstroyinzhiniring LLC in a dispute with the bankruptcy trustee on invalidation of an agreement on the sale of an asphalt concrete plant and the offset of counterclaims that the agreement was dubious and preferential. As a result, we enabled the client to recover its title to the plant.
  6. Assisting a creditor, which had not been included in the creditor claims’ register, with the preparation of a statement on the vicarious liability of the previous and current directors of the debtor, representing the lender in the bankruptcy proceedings.
  7. Guaranteeing a majority vote at the creditors' meeting for the controlling bodies of the debtor and completion of the supervision stage as part of the bankruptcy proceedings.
  8. Successfully representing the former chief executive officer in a dispute with the bankruptcy trustee on vicarious liability for the amount of more than RUB 130 million for violating the obligation to transfer the accounting records to the provisional administrator and filing a court application for the recognition of the company as bankrupt.